“They came to this world like a plague, spreading themselves to the furthest edges of the continent and beyond.

While their progenitors were harmless enough barbarians the humans of today expand faster than any other race and their ambition, their greatest strength, may prove a greater threat to the world than even the hated orcs."

- Aravia, Elven Lorekeeper

Kingdom of Volkar

The vast majority of humans live under the rule of King Volkar. Each new king renounces their former name and takes on the name of the first king, the holiest of holies Volkar, uniter of warring tribes and vanquisher of evil.

Historically, the Kingdom has been embroiled in near constant war with one or more of the other civilizations of the continent. War with the Mitleian Republic has been constant since 1870 when they earned their independence in a bloody conflict.

Religion within the Kingdom has, until very recently been largely unregulated, citizens being allowed to worship whichever Gods they wished. In the last 6 years, with the appointment of a new Prime Lector, the Church of Volkar which worships the hero of the Kingdom’s namesake as a transcendent deity has become the only permissible religion, heretics are to be stamped out.

Mitleian Republic

Dissatisfied with the largely undemocratic system of the Kingdom, a duke of the northern territory of Levosk staged a rebellion. Many previously loyal subjects turned away from the Kingdom sparking a bitter war for independence. That independence has now been earned and a democratic republic sharing its name with the continent has been formed. This independence is far from secure however; war with the Kingdom of Volkar is frequent and bloody.

While any citizen of the republic has a vote, only the noble patricians have the money and support to stand for the highest position, High Consul.


Not all humans stayed within the grassy southern lands of the continent, many migrated to form tribes among the western mountains, the northern steppes and the frozen wastes. Others left the continent altogether, sailing for far away uncharted lands.


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