Khaz Baruk

Built into Mount Valdarak, the largest mountain of the Kakadromin Mountain Range, Khaz Baruk is the capital of the Dwarven Kingdom.

The city is organised into many levels which all encircle a central shaft through which a vein of glow rock lies. This lambent ore lights most of the city and is naturally found throughout the mountain range.

The High King of the Dwarven Kingdom holds court in this subterranean city, governing the city, adjudicating in the highest court and leading the army which all good and able dwarves do belong within.

To die in glorious battle against the enemies of the Dwarves is to guarantee your name will be carved into the hall of memories. For this reason, a dwarf will very rarely die of old age; those who survive to see their 300th birthday will more often than not join the Legion of Kalkahari; a fighting force dedicating to waging war against the evil forces that dwell within The Underdark, a series of labyrinthine tunnels, caves and chasms deep beneath the Kakadromin Mountains.

Khaz Baruk

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