Nuremstadt is the capital of the Kingdom of Volkar and by far the largest city to be found in Mitleia. Situated along the east coast of the continent, Nuremstadt is surrounded with smaller villages and towns, supporting the vast network of farms and ranches necessary to feed the people of the city, who number over 300,000.

The city itself is divided into eight, mostly autonomous districts surrounding a central, circular footpath for travel between districts which in turn surrounds the central ‘Celestial Spire’ of Nuremstadt which holds the Throne of King Volkar, the chambers of the High and Low Councils and the Sovereign Court of Volkar.

Districts Listed Clockwise Beginning from West

Volgarten: A beautiful district dedicated to honouring human accomplishment through monuments and botanical displays. The main gate to Nuremstadt leads into Volgarten, the westernmost district. The district is nicknamed ‘The Roses’.

Randal’s Keep: A military District named for the headquarters of the Whiteguard which in turn gets its name from the founder of the King’s elite soldiers.

Faustshaken: This district has been given over to wizards and the pursuit of knowledge. Access is heavily restricted to this district which has been nicknamed ‘The Spheres’ after the peculiar sightings over the district.

Eisbaersehn: Entertainment District which houses a number of theatres, taverns, race tracks and a large gladiatorial arena.

Ostenhart: A quiet orderly district which is home to the majority of the city docks. The district’s representative on the high council is the Captain of the Nuremstadt City Guard.

Pfeilerschaven: A residential district that regularly succumbs to flooding, despite past attempts to restore the district, all those who could afford to move have done so, leaving behind only the poorest and most desperate. It is nicknamed ‘The Puddles’ for the lingering impact of the floods and is home to the Thieves Guild.

S├╝deplatz: This district is contains the Volkar Cathedral, as well as many chapels and expensive houses. It is nicknamed ‘The Ascendency’

Handelplatz: A district centred around trade where registered traders set up stalls and shops. Known commonly by its nickname The Coins, this district arguably houses the largest, most diverse market on the continent.


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