The Sanguine Harvest

Session Eight
Fabulous Faustsharken

Our party stood at a crossroads with enemies closing in from every side when a shop front materialised before them. In small groups they entered Sally Fabulous’s Arcane Oddities.

It would seem that somebody had been through their equipment and taken a number of items, including their food and money. Sally Fabulous seemed at ease with the surreal situation they were all in and tried his best to keep the party happy, gifting them with magical items such as the ‘Boots of Blinding Speed’ and ‘Cloak of Resistance’.

Upon leaving the shop Kallora and Thrash found themselves in Sir Grifilax’s study with Annie while the others exited to see the majestic towers of Faustsharken.

Sir Grifilax entered his study, initially bemused by his unexpected guests, seeing they had Annie pleased him for he had received a letter from the girl’s father requesting he meet her at her uncle’s tavern and take her to Faustsharken because of the dreams she’d been experiencing. Considering the Volkarite priests had now begun searching for her and Sir Grifilax was a prominent figure people knew were looking for her he paid Kallora and Thrash to escort her safely to Faustsharken and ensure she was looked after properly.

Meanwhile in Faustsharken, Scorn had been swiftly recruited by a group of eager students of conjuration while Vondal and Shilo got the lay of the land. Remembering their newfound earstuds that permit communication, the party briefly filled each other in on their location and situation.

By asking around Vondal found that Aricides, the wizard that had helped them in Reinmarsh was of the Transmutation school. They also asked a diviner to look into his whereabouts but the diviner was unable to find Aricides on the material plane and presumed him dead. Vondal and Shilo made their way to the Transmutation Tower to inform the wizards there of Aricides’s fate and perhaps carry out his last instruction.

Kallora, Thrash and Annie were dressed in large robes that concealed their faces and escorted out of the district. On their way to Faustsharken they were forced to take refuge from prying priests in a ground floor room of the Celestial Spire. They were here many hours listening to the gripes of an aging noble.

Scorn was entered into the Conjuration School at Faustsharken where a fellow gnome had taken interest in him… or perhaps more so in his patron. He was able to secure himself a bed and a meal for the night.

Vondal arrived at the Transmutation Tower with Shilo and was greeted at the door by an old man who walked with a stick, the two entered but Shilo backtracked almost immediately deciding to wait outside. Vondal seemed not to notice. He told the old man what the diviner had said about Aricides and that Reinmarsh had fallen to orcs. The man went to assemble a council which would convene to following day to decide a course of action.

Kallora, Scorn and Annie finally made it to Faustsharken and with their paperwork in order thanks to Sir Grifilax were granted swift access. They went towards the Divination Tower after a brief run-in with a tarot reading elf. Within the quiet tower they found a room with some bickering old women, and told them about Annie’s dreams. One in particular was intrigued and offered to help. The two left Annie behind and exited the tower, going to meet Vondal at the Transmutation Tower where he had secured some food and comfortable rooms. Shilo slept outside and nearly died of Goblin Plague.

Sessions Six & Seven
Bards and Bugbears

The refugees were too hungry and scared for suspicion, so when the party showed up armed, curious and friendly the guard pointed them towards the central tent to speak with their leader.

During their meeting they discussed the biggest challenges the refugees had to face: food was scarce and local merchants were demanding too much in exchange for meagre rations, their drinking water supply had run dry because of a blockage in ‘the siphons’ below and goblins and local thugs were raiding their camp taking their possessions.

At the same time not far from there Shilo had spotted a bald man with a severe face wearing Volkarite Robes. He knew him from somewhere and began to follow him. The man had gone to gather followers from a chapel nearby who, having armed themselves fell in line behind him. Together they marched down the main promenade of the district up to the front gate of the refugee encampment and demanded that ‘The Sybil’ was brought out to them.

At this point Heracles, who had been hidden in Shilo’s attire smelled a rat, literally. He dashed out and chased it down a drain with Shilo trailing behind.

Inside the encampment, the party had been in the medical tent where a young herbalist had set up a budget infirmary for the sick and injured. Kallora was trying to get treatment for Annie’s nightmarish visions and in return for Kallora lending a hand, and healing many of the wounded refugees, a transparent sleep draught quickly brewed up and handed over.

The zealots of Volkar arrived at this time, demanding ‘The Sybil’. Suspecting the worst and not wanting to hang around to find out more, the group took Annie and crowbared their way into the siphons below the camp.

Flooded, dark and dirty the siphons made for a poor refuge. Our heroes steeled themselves, lit a torch and pressed on into the shadows. An ambush of goblins hit them from many sides, just as Shilo gathered up Heracles he too was caught up in the brutal melee and was the first to fall. The party soon rallied, and despite the goblins aggression once the element of surprise was lost their frail, emaciated bodies were no match for our heroes.

Continuing on they found the corpse of a Green Knight and a control room for the siphons pump system from which they took a magical shield and ascertained there was a problem with the pump system respectively.

After a short respite, they went deeper into the siphons. They found another body, this time of a human bard. By reading the man’s journal they found his name: Audyn and more about his background as a satyrical songwriter and musician whose instrument was the theorbo. From him they took a magical ball mace and the second of a pair of metal studs which permit two people to communicate from afar.

After more skirmishes against the goblins, the party found their way deeper into the siphons. Here they fought and killed a bugbear and cleared the blockage which had caused the pumps to shut down. They reset the system, returning drinkable water to the refugees.

Instead of leaving they explored the siphons further, finding a locked door guarded by the thieves guild. They used the paper they looted from Knux the day before to provide the correct password to the thieves, then promptly overpowered and robbed them, continuing through into the siphons beneath ‘The Ascendancy’ district.

Session Five
Visions and Divisions

After a very brief chase, the stolen painting was returned to its rightful thief and the assailant lay dead with an arrow in his back.

They looted the body, finding a ring. The party set off to check on Annie. Shilo decided to leave the others to investigate the cryptic scrawled note that had been looted from Knux after the battle of the ruined church.

Arriving in the night at their room in The Green Brush, the party found Annie awake and in a bad state, Kallora comforted her and she settled. Later that she awoke distraught and panicking over a dream.

Meanwhile Shilo slept in an inn by the docks after a nutritious carrot dinner. When morning came he went out to investigate the note, correctly interpreting it as a map he located three similar buildings across The Puddles, all bearing the image of a corvid on the front doors. Deciding not to pry any further alone he abandoned this investigation for now.

The rest of the party made their way through the puddles and as they passed by the Refugee Camp in the centre of the district, decided to explore.

Session Four
Art Attack

Vondal, alone in a room but for the flayed corpse of Bersk and a caged weasel called Heracles, pondered his next move. Vondal took a moment to feed Heracles, the weasel appeared not to have been recently fed and gratefully feasted on the leaves and offal.

Before long, there was an ominous sound of footsteps and a knock at the door to the room. Without preamble Vondal facilitated the entering of a tall, pale man into the threshold of the blooded room by opening the door.

Outstretching an open hand and with a voice that seemed to echo inside the dwarf’s head, the man demanded the stolen painting be handed over and through what would seem to be magic, forced a confession from Vondal’s own lips.

In answer, Heracles was sent speeding through the air, colliding with this stranger, he then bursted from his cage and dashed for the window. Vondal used the distraction to barrel through the man and make his escape.

Meanwhile, Kallora and Annie were on the other side of the puddles, where a lone survivor from the scuffle at the church was calling for reinforcements.

Seeing what appeared to be people in need, Kallora went to offer assistance before deciding against assisting these armed strangers. She found an inn for Annie and went to investigate the situation further…

Our “human” trio, having piled up and looted the bodies of these Thieves Guild members, took the demonborn: Forion and Lysandra along with their baby across the city towards the docks where they found Vondal talking to Sir Grifilax of the Whiteguard. After a long discussion about Annie, the Knight left to continue his search. Reunited with Vondal the group paid a fisherman to transport their abyssal friends out of the city and onto the shore to the north.

As the boat drifted away, the pale man with the dark armour launched an attack on the group, just as Kallora, on the trail of the survivors of the church battle, arrived on the scene.

The fight was quick and brutal, but as soon as there was an opportunity, the assailant grabbed hold of the stolen painting and disappeared…

Session Three
Demons Within

On arrival in Nuremstadt our three “humans” were hastily processed by disinterested clerks and hastened through to The Puddles.

On arrival, after much shouting, a couple of men approached them and made them an offer

Having agreed to the offer the group made their way to a seemingly abandoned ruined church, a burned out husk of a building. They boldly entered. Then scorn blasted open a door and everyone had a little fight with a demonborn.

Meanwhile the others: Kallora and Vondal, made their way through the queue. Kallora went to explore Handelplatz and check on Annie while Vondal took his stolen painting into The Puddles to look for Bersk, his fence and fixer.

Eventually Shilo, in the language of the demonborn, calmed the situation down and the group spent a while conversing. They learned the story of Forion and Lysandra and took it upon themselves to smuggle them out of the city.

On exiting they had a showdown with the Thieves’ Guild, killing all but one of the bandits.

Vondal coerced an apparent beggar/secret information broker into providing Bersk’s location, upon arrival he found Bersk had been flayed to death; perhaps recently.

Kallora blackmailed Sally Fabulous then brought Annie into The Puddles for a cheap place to sleep.

Session Two
Struck Down

Stopping off at a travel inn on the way to Nuremstadt, the party became embroiled in an investigation into an attempted murder on their travelling companion Annie.

By morning the primary culprit was Raul. Once an incriminating portfolio was appropriated and delivered to the guards Raul bolted but was tackled by Shilo, causing a dogpile.

Soon after they departed to complete their journey to the capital. Upon arrival the party split up.

Session One
Road Rage

The party fought in defence of Reinmarsch after stealing a painting, breaking out of prison and arguing with an old man.

In the battle, some of the orcs had glowing red eyes and were filled with bloodlust, shrugging of blows and striking with great power. The wizard Aricides believed he detected the power of Kaelphaan at work. He requested the party head to Nuremstadt, and inform the wizards of Faustshaken.

On the way there they killed a man.


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