The Sanguine Harvest

Session Four

Art Attack

Vondal, alone in a room but for the flayed corpse of Bersk and a caged weasel called Heracles, pondered his next move. Vondal took a moment to feed Heracles, the weasel appeared not to have been recently fed and gratefully feasted on the leaves and offal.

Before long, there was an ominous sound of footsteps and a knock at the door to the room. Without preamble Vondal facilitated the entering of a tall, pale man into the threshold of the blooded room by opening the door.

Outstretching an open hand and with a voice that seemed to echo inside the dwarf’s head, the man demanded the stolen painting be handed over and through what would seem to be magic, forced a confession from Vondal’s own lips.

In answer, Heracles was sent speeding through the air, colliding with this stranger, he then bursted from his cage and dashed for the window. Vondal used the distraction to barrel through the man and make his escape.

Meanwhile, Kallora and Annie were on the other side of the puddles, where a lone survivor from the scuffle at the church was calling for reinforcements.

Seeing what appeared to be people in need, Kallora went to offer assistance before deciding against assisting these armed strangers. She found an inn for Annie and went to investigate the situation further…

Our “human” trio, having piled up and looted the bodies of these Thieves Guild members, took the demonborn: Forion and Lysandra along with their baby across the city towards the docks where they found Vondal talking to Sir Grifilax of the Whiteguard. After a long discussion about Annie, the Knight left to continue his search. Reunited with Vondal the group paid a fisherman to transport their abyssal friends out of the city and onto the shore to the north.

As the boat drifted away, the pale man with the dark armour launched an attack on the group, just as Kallora, on the trail of the survivors of the church battle, arrived on the scene.

The fight was quick and brutal, but as soon as there was an opportunity, the assailant grabbed hold of the stolen painting and disappeared…


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