The Sanguine Harvest

Session Three

Demons Within

On arrival in Nuremstadt our three “humans” were hastily processed by disinterested clerks and hastened through to The Puddles.

On arrival, after much shouting, a couple of men approached them and made them an offer

Having agreed to the offer the group made their way to a seemingly abandoned ruined church, a burned out husk of a building. They boldly entered. Then scorn blasted open a door and everyone had a little fight with a demonborn.

Meanwhile the others: Kallora and Vondal, made their way through the queue. Kallora went to explore Handelplatz and check on Annie while Vondal took his stolen painting into The Puddles to look for Bersk, his fence and fixer.

Eventually Shilo, in the language of the demonborn, calmed the situation down and the group spent a while conversing. They learned the story of Forion and Lysandra and took it upon themselves to smuggle them out of the city.

On exiting they had a showdown with the Thieves’ Guild, killing all but one of the bandits.

Vondal coerced an apparent beggar/secret information broker into providing Bersk’s location, upon arrival he found Bersk had been flayed to death; perhaps recently.

Kallora blackmailed Sally Fabulous then brought Annie into The Puddles for a cheap place to sleep.


everittross everittross

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