The Sanguine Harvest

Session Five

Visions and Divisions

After a very brief chase, the stolen painting was returned to its rightful thief and the assailant lay dead with an arrow in his back.

They looted the body, finding a ring. The party set off to check on Annie. Shilo decided to leave the others to investigate the cryptic scrawled note that had been looted from Knux after the battle of the ruined church.

Arriving in the night at their room in The Green Brush, the party found Annie awake and in a bad state, Kallora comforted her and she settled. Later that she awoke distraught and panicking over a dream.

Meanwhile Shilo slept in an inn by the docks after a nutritious carrot dinner. When morning came he went out to investigate the note, correctly interpreting it as a map he located three similar buildings across The Puddles, all bearing the image of a corvid on the front doors. Deciding not to pry any further alone he abandoned this investigation for now.

The rest of the party made their way through the puddles and as they passed by the Refugee Camp in the centre of the district, decided to explore.


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