Orcish Pantheon

*Acobi* - The Chastened Maid – The Goddess of Oath and Abandon.


“No one bound the Chastened Maid save for Herself. Her shackles are Her own Design.”

*Garmuth* - The Crippled Duke – The God of Purpose and Folly.


“Despite His lack of senses, the Crippled Duke gives council to the humble and the wise.”

*Hense* - The Veiled Widow – The Goddess of Pain and Pleasure.

*Jevel* - The Tower Keeper – The God of Health and Atrophy.

Was known to give his worshippers longer lifespans, though he sometimes struck them down with atrophy and disease.

*Lemaign* - The Mason King – God of Hope and Despair.

He was prayed to by soldiers before battle.

*Micia* - The Lorn Mother – The Goddess of Loss and Longing.

*Olak* - The Carefree Son – The God of Chance and Whim.

He was worshipped by gamblers, risk takers, and those seeking good luck.

*Pyth* - The Wakeful Bull – The God of Commotion and Order.

He was known to grant greater strength to his followers, his worshippers normally consisted of warriors, soldiers etc.

*Roathus* - The Gorging Host – The God of Thirst and Plenty.

*Yudrig* - The Morning Stallion – The God of Impulse and Bravery.

Orcish Pantheon

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