Sylvan Pantheon

Creatures of the Forest: the elves, the gnomes and the fey-folk have a pantheon of shared Gods and Goddesses. The Aeon Oak, known to the elves as Lothekû provides a pathway from the material plane to the positive planes. It is in one of these planes the Sylvan Pantheon resides, and through the Aeon Oak they provide their powers to their faithful clerics and paladins.

Sioc, The Wakeful Owl

Always in the guise of an owl, Sioc sees everything. Everything that has happened and everything that will happen is all known to this eternally watchful deity.

Paladins of Sioc serve the secretive Lorekeepers, hoarding information and protecting it. Their faith leads their weaponry to glow with a calm blue flame.

Ispa, The Mournful Mother

A woman veiled in black, said to have birthed all the fey children, she awaits their return upon death.

Followers of Ispa may channel her healing power, some however are channel her darker side, spreading atrophy and death. The paladins of Ispa’s light side wield armaments aglow with a golden yellow flame, those embracing her darker side carry weapons dripping with black-green ethereal sludge.

Liang, The Moon Caller

A girl in silver garb, Liang is the deific patron of art and song, often depicted playing a crescent-shaped lute under two moons.

Paladins of Liang are known as Moondancers, their weaponry glows with the sparkling silver light of their faith and they fight to protect beauty in the world wher’ever it may be found

Morrigan, Lady of Battle

A tall figure with animalistic features, her right hand eternally drips with the blood of Eirene, the human Goddess she murdered and whose heart she tore out. Morrigan is most often depicted riding atop a giant leopard throwing spears at her enemies.

Morrigan is seldom prayed to outside of war-time. Before a battle some soldiers ritualistically tear the heart from sacrificial animals or captive prisoners to earn Morrigan’s attention. A shimmering blood-red light drips from the weapons of Morrigan’s ferocious paladins: The Warborn.

The Harlequin

A capricious, androgenous deity depicted with small antlers rising from a head that bears a mask of ever-changing smiles, grimaces, frowns and screams.

The Harlequin’s followers are hedonistic tricksters who find pleasure in chaos and discord. Paladins to the Harlequin bear a faith of ever-changing colours, they are infamous for mimicking the paladins of other orders even of other pantheons to sow their chaos.

Manaana, The Tempest

An amorphous creature of elements, shifting through the winds and oceans, wreaking havoc on the unweary. Those lacking in humility find their hubris lands them in trouble with Manaana. Never depicted in humanoid form, Manaana is represented by icebergs, whirlwinds and Tsunamis.

Paladins of Manaana are humble people, sworn to seek out the boastful and the complacent and humble them. Their weapons are sheathed in a cloudy grey, with dancing blue light forking along the length of their weapons.

Daghadha, The Stag

Daghadha is the animals, the trees and the grass. In short he is the forest. He is father to all creatures of the fey including the mortal elves. According to legend Daghadha is the first deity to be worshipped by the elves, it is through his power the elves are granted such long lives and the ability to survive without sleep. He is most frequently depicted as a stag, but some orders have more directly worshipped Daghadha as a depiction of a tree such as the Aeon Oak.

Paladins to Daghadha swear to protect the forest at all costs, the elite guard of the Aeon Oak in Galadmír are composed primariliy of such Paladins, whose weapons shimmer with emerald energies.

Sylvan Pantheon

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